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"Nawaz was awesome to deal with. Top build quality, easy communication and he stands behind the products he sells.  Highly recommended A++"

- J.S.


"Honest and concerned seller... Nawaz truly cares for his customers.

I will be buying again in the near future"

- S.L.

"Nawaz’s service and professionalism are top rate. Always willing to answer questions and offer suggestions"

- C.E.

"Answered all my questions with lightning fast replies. His customer service is second to none"

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"A true professional in every aspect; product and service"

- L.L.

'The .1' CS

(The Point One - Copper Sleeve)

4N OFC Conductors w/Teflon Dielectric

6.5 AWG "Hot" & "Neutral", 9.5 AWG Ground

High-Flex Spiral Construction

High-Coverage Grounded Copper Sleeve

Vibration Reduction Sleeve [x2]

Gold-Plated 98% Copper content plugs* in my Aluminum housings

(*US, UK, EU [Schuko], & AUS - other types require supplied adapters)

Various Finishing Sleeve Options (see pictures below)

5' Standard length - 63"/1.6m of wire used

$228 CAD

[Includes shipping/processing within Canada]

Prices by continent/country in US$:

[Includes shipping/processing & PayPal fees]

ALL of the U.S.: US$215

[including Alaska and Hawaii]

Mexico, and the continents of Asia,

Oceania, and Europe*: US$255

*not including the countries listed below

Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia,

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, and the

continents of Africa* & South America*: US$295

*some exceptions apply


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Available Upgrades/Customizing [CAD]

Additional Length (per foot):                        $22

Shorter Length:                                $215 flat-rate

20 Amp IEC (Gold-Plated Copper):         +$20


What Clients Say About The Product:


"Never in my 35 years in this crazy hobby have I gotten such dramatic increases in performance"

- R.J.

"The improvement in sound quality is worth every dollar and then some."

- V.K.

"Immaculate workmanship... reduces the noise floor virtually down to nil."

- W.D.L.

"I just can’t believe the speed and separation, not mention the dynamic range increase, this single cable brought to my system"

- O.G.

"The Sub-Bass extension and authority is glorious... the Highs were detailed and smooth. Great clarity and always non fatiguing... the whole sound was more full bodied"

- M.R.

NRG Custom Cables - 'The
NRG Custom Cables - Aluminum Chassis wit
NRG Custom Cables - 'The
NRG Custom Cables - 'The
NRG Custom Cables - 'The
NRG Custom Cables - Plug Lineup (Special
NRG Custom Cables - CS and speaker sleev
NRG Custom Cables - 'The 5' and speaker

The story of 'The .1' CS

Let me preface this with a few blurbs about my earlier cables:


- First up, there was 'The .1' v1.  It featured three 7.5 AWG conductors, Rhodium-Plated plugs in Poly-Carbonate housings, a specially treated fibreglass sleeve to combat EMI/RFI... and a nearly 3" (!) finished circumference.  It was a killer cable, but only for guys willing to deal with the lack of flexibility and/or the sheer size.  Let's just say that taming "The Beast" was not an easy task


- I needed to address the elephant (trunk) in the room that was the v1's girth, so next up was 'The .1' v2.  I adjusted the design of the v1's outer jackets, which resulted in decreased bulk and weight, and increased performance.  The v2 was incredibly flexible, the plugs were upgraded to Platinum-Plated, and the treated fibreglass sleeve was upgraded as well

- After that came the first iteration of 'The .1' CS.  It used the same wire and plugs as the v2, but the plug housings were upgraded to Aluminum, and the treated fibreglass sleeve (passive shielding) was upgraded to a Grounded Copper sleeve (active shielding)


- That brings us to this current version, which is quite different than the previous iteration, but I stuck with the same name for simplicity.  The biggest change is the wire configuration, which is now five 9.5 AWG 4N OFC conductors run in a spiral pattern, with two each used for the "Hot" & "Neutral" lines, and one used for the Ground line.  I also upgraded the plugs, tweaked the shielding to increase its efficiency/effectiveness, and now use custom-made All-Aluminum plug housings


The new Gold-plated 4N Copper plugs contain a feature that allows me to ground the entire All-Aluminum plug chassis.  While the Aluminum chassis are heavier than the Poly-Carbonate housings I previously used, the plugs have an even tighter fit in your outlet(s), so no worries.

In addition to the grounded plug chassis, there is a high coverage braided Copper sleeve, which I ground only on the wall plug end to avoid creating a ground loop.  The combination of the grounded plug chassis and braided Copper sleeve all but eliminates EMI/RFI noise, which makes for an even lower noise floor than my earlier models. 

The result is a highly flexible and fully shielded "jack-of-all-trades" workhorse.  While it's not quite at the performance level of its big brother, 'The 5' (a.k.a. "GODZILLA"), the fantastic feedback for this cable continues to pour in from clients as far away as Slovenia and Israel, and for components ranging from music servers to power amps, making it a true universal success.


'The .1' CS is ready to be thrown in to the most demanding environments imaginable, as it was originally designed for a client living 2 doors down from a very noisy power sub-station, and running 1kw mono-blocks.  He is also a huge Liam Neeson fan, so he nicknamed this version "The Grey" (I used grey sleeve on his cables) and said of this cable (while mixing movie references), "it has a very particular set of skills..."  I think he meant it had the ability to make him regret buying other cables, but I'm not sure...


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