The story of 'The .1' CS


What Clients Say About The Service:

"Nawaz was awesome to deal with. Top build quality, easy communication and he stands behind the products he sells.
Highly recommended A++"

- J.S.

"Honest and concerned seller....a pleasure to deal with!
Nawaz truly cares for his customers.

I will be buying again in the near future"

- S.L.

Let me preface this by sharing some quick blurbs about the earlier versions of this cable:


- First up, there was 'The .1' v1 (The Point One - Version One).  It was an absolute beast of a cable with a nearly 3" finished circumference, it was terminated with Rhodium-Plated plugs in Poly-Carbonate housings, and featured a specially treated fiberglass sleeve to combat EMI/RFI.  It provided fantastic performance, but only for guys willing to deal with the lack of flexibility;  let's just say that taming "The Beast" was not an easy task


- Next up was 'The .1' v2 (The Point One - Version 2).  I decided to address the elephant (trunk) in the room regarding flexibility in the v1, or lack thereof.  The v2 was practically spaghetti in terms of flexibility, but the improvements didn't stop there.  I had been offering Platinum-Plated plugs as an upgrade for v1 cables, so I decided to make them standard on the v2, and I upgraded the treated fiberglass sleeve to a thicker/heavier version.  The v2 offered increased performance and decreased bulk and weight versus the v1, which was already a killer cable

- That brings us to this current version, 'The .1' CS (The Point One - Copper Sleeve).  This version takes the lessons learned from earlier versions of my cables, and features upgrades to the shielding, plugs, and plug housings.


The Gold plugs I use for this cable have a feature in them that allow me to ground the entire plug chassis, which is now all-Aluminum.  This all but eliminates EMI/RFI noise, which makes for an even lower noise floor than my earlier models.  While the Aluminum housings are a bit heavier than the Poly-Carbonate housings I previously used, the plugs have the same snug fit in your outlet(s), so no worries.

In addition to the grounded Aluminum plug housings, I further reduced EMI/RFI noise by adding a high coverage copper braided sleeve to the full length, and grounding it only on the wall plug end (to avoid creating a ground loop).

The result is quite simply my best performing (and yes, best looking) 7.5 AWG cable to date.  It is completely shielded tip-to-tip, as it was originally designed for a local client who lives 2 doors down from a power sub-station.  He also runs 1kw mono-blocks, so it is ready to be thrown in to the most demanding environments imaginable.


P.S.  That local client is a huge Liam Neeson fan, and he nicknamed this version "The Grey" (I used a grey finishing sleeve on the first batch).  I know that's not vital information, but I like to share.  He also said of this cable (while mixing movie references), "it has a very particular set of skills..."  I think he meant it had the ability to make him regret buying other cables, but I'm not sure...


What Clients Say About The Product:

"Never in my 35 years in this crazy hobby have I gotten such dramatic increases in performance"

- R.J.

"Hard to beat at any price point.  Simply fantastic."

- R.M.

"Very high quality and immaculate workmanship... it definitely reduces the noise floor virtually down to nil."

- W.D.L.

'The .1' CS

(The Point One - Copper Sleeve)


7.5 AWG 4N OFC Conductors w/Teflon Dielectric

High-Flex Spiral Construction

High-Coverage Grounded Copper Sleeve

Vibration Reduction Sleeve

98% Copper content Gold-plated Plugs in my Aluminum housings

Various Finishing Sleeve Options

5' Standard length - 63"/1.6m of wire used

$198 CAD

Click here for the ordering process

Available Upgrades/Customizing

Shorter Length:                                     $185 flat-rate

Additional Length (per foot)                               $16

20 Amp Pure Copper IEC (not Gold-plated) $25

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