The story of 'The 5'


What Clients Say About The Service:

"Great cables and great customer service... Simply fantastic"

- L.S.

"This is my third transaction... very professional and seamless. His passion and quality workmanship is truly evidenced in his products.  I’m a repeat customer so that pretty well says it all!"

- P.R.


"Nawaz is fantastic - friendly, super responsive and conscientious"

- R.T.

"Excellent communication and prompt shipment. A smooth and pleasant transaction."

- P.W.

"Great and fast communication and very willing to customize. Highly recommended seller"

- S.B.

"Good communication and knowledgeable cable expert."

- R.M.

While the cables in ‘The .1’ [The Point One] series have been called “simply fantastic”, “a beauty”, and to paraphrase one of my personal favourites "my weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse" (thanks for that, B.H.), I like to continually push myself, and challenge what's possible.
Don’t get me wrong, I'm incredibly proud of 'The .1' series and I’m happy with “Impressive”, but I’m wired to strive for “Holy Sh_t!"

So, with that said, allow me to introduce you to ‘The 5’ ['The Five' a.k.a. “GODZILLA”].

It features the same 7.5 AWG conductor design used in ‘The .1’ CS, which is 133 29 AWG stranded 4N Oxygen-Free Copper wires wrapped in a Teflon dielectric, and encased in a heavy EPDM Rubber jacket.
Also, similarly to ‘The .1’ CS, there is cotton insulation/dielectric between the conductors to keep them separated, and everything is run a spiral pattern for flexibility.

However, ‘The 5’ utilizes 5 of those conductors [versus 3 in ‘The .1’ CS, which requires the use of roughly double the cotton insulation/dielectric to separate the conductors.  There is also additional cotton run through the middle of the cable, which helps to achieve complete isolation of the conductors.
I’ve used 2 conductors each for the “Hot” and “Neutral”, and 1 for the Ground, which makes ‘The 5’ a 4.5 AWG monster of a power cable.

Some quick math tells you the “Hot" and “Neutral” lines are each made up of 266 29 AWG 4N Copper wires – ohhh, baby!

But wait, there's more!... Copper, that is.

In the original iteration of 'The 5' I offered a grounded copper sleeve as an option.

After hearing the feedback about the drastic performance improvement this option made, I decided to make it a standard feature.

That means if you add up the conductors and grounded sleeve, 'The 5' contains enough copper to make a 0 AWG conductor (!) – good gravy, I'm a little nuts.

So, I’ve got this monster of a cable, but what do I terminate it with, and how do I do it?

Going back to the original iteration of 'The 5', I used Rhodium-plated Furutech Fi50 NCF copies for plugs, which were absolutely fantastic quality.  However, they proved to be very difficult to work with/modify to accommodate the size of 'The 5' with the copper sleeve option, and Rhodium takes a while to "burn-in".

To solve these issues, I decided to invest in some new toys... uh, I mean tools – yes dear, definitely tools! - to modify the Aluminum housings and Gold plugs I use for 'The .1' CS.

The Gold plugs made for a faster "burn-in" (easier on your system - and your ears), and the addition of the grounded copper sleeve resulted in a much blacker background than the original version.

As a nice bonus, by using my existing plugs versus the pricier Fi50 copies, most of the added copper sleeve cost was offset.

Speaking of the price, don't let it fool you - ‘The 5’ is the real deal, and it's designed to take on ALL challengers (including zombies).


This cable is, in a word, "GODZILLA"! And when you hear it…

Holy sh_t!

*This is technically the fifth model of power cable I've dreamed [dreamt?] up, and it contains 5 conductors, so clearly my household is not very creative when it comes to naming things.  For further evidence, you can refer to our pet bunny, whose name is... Mr. Bunny.


What Clients Say About The Product:

"These cables are insane...  These things do exactly what they are built to do - put no signature on, nor restrict any power flow to your components."

- J.K.

"Very very good.  I love it.  It's better than the (AudioQuest) NRG 1000 to My Accuphase A-70... (my system) sounds awesome now.  Really Holy Shii..."

- K.T


"This is a fantastic cable, performing far above its price point...

Fit and finish is exemplary, and this cable just flat out performs.  Price to performance ratio, absolute no brainer"

- D.S.

"Holy cow", "I had to shush my wife and turn up the volume", "Holy  Smokes it was amazing.  I just sat down and was thrilled", "I want to say Thanks!!!!!!"

- B.D.

'The 5'

(The Five - Code Name: "GODZILLA")


4.5 AWG 4N OFC "Hot" & "Neutral" Conductors w/Teflon Dielectric

7.5 AWG 4N OFC Ground Conductor w/Teflon Dielectric

High-Flex Spiral Construction

High-Coverage Grounded Copper Sleeve

Vibration Reduction Sleeve

98% Copper content Gold-plated Plugs in my Aluminum housings

Various Finishing Sleeve Options

5' Standard length - 63"/1.6m of wire used

$398 CAD

Click here for the ordering process

Available Upgrades/Customizing

Shorter Length:                  $375 flat-rate

Additional Length (per foot)              $30

20 Amp Pure Copper IEC (not Gold-plated) - N/C

"True 20" option:

20 Amp Male & IEC plugs - $50

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