Here are excerpts of client and professional feedback I've received - read longer versions here

There are 120+ comments on, and some on my Google listing as well

"Articulation is very smooth and instrumentation is clear and detailed"

- Jay Luong @

[read the full article here]

'The 5'

"Composed & tight (bass), natural & silky smooth (mids), texture & sweet sizzle (highs), not veiled"

- R.P. ('blumartini' on Audiogon)

[read his full comments here]

"Makes such a difference out of the box, I just can't believe it... cleaner, and more dynamic in the whole spectrum!"

- F.A.

'The 5'

"On the first note, (it) made the sound stage so much more vast with much better dynamic and resolution and details."

- P.L.

'The 6:6'

"A superior speaker cable in every way... Enhanced detail, channel separation, and surprisingly better sound stage front to back"

- O.G.

'The Box'


"The box sounds fantastic, it added muscles to my system"

- M.O.

'The 5'

"Wow! Just wow!

The soundstage (was) much more vast with much better dynamics, resolution, and details"

- S.L.

"The last of the fog had lifted to reveal pure, clear, uncoloured musical detail... high quality and impeccably assembled cables"

- J.S.

"The backgrounds are blacker, better separation of instruments and performers, and much better bass control.

- G.R.

"My stereo instantly became louder with a more powerful & dynamic sound stage... a must have for the music enthusiast"

- G. Pom.

'The 5'

"Sold a top of the line ($4000) Audience AU24 SX after I heard ['The 5']… huge soundstage & ridiculous dynamics"

- M.O.

"His cables are amazing, not just for the money! They brought obvious gains to my system, noticeable at first listen."

- B.D.

"[I] enjoy the warm, rich, clear sound the speaker cables offer,.. worth the investment... my ears are happy!"

- A.G.

'The 6:11'

"Excellent craftsmanship and a great sounding product... huge upgrade on my power amp. Highly recommended"

- B.F.

"The bass extension and authority is glorious. Highs were detailed and smooth. Great clarity and always non fatiguing"

- M.R.

'The 5'

"(They provide) smoothness and refinement in my system... Instrument separation within the soundstage is a marvel"

- T.O.

"Never in my 35 years in this crazy hobby have I gotten such dramatic increases in performance throughout the audio spectrum."

- R.J.

"...vocals and instruments are clearly showing more separation feels like someone removed a curtain from my speakers."

- R.W.

"I have to admit there is no oxymoron when it comes to science and math working in concert with your art"

- C.J.

'The .1' CS

"They are works of art... My wife entered the room and said that it sounded like the lid was taken off the can.  Great value, big impact."

- N.M.

'The 5'

"Two words: "F_cking Wow!"

The separation of instruments is wonderful... almost holographic feeling of a sound stage"

- J.O.

'The 5'

"Music sounds as it's intended... these cords work with finesse, authority and detail... No hint of congestion or grain"

- A.U.

"This cable is simply stunning. Great bass definition with absolute control, more transparent yet neutral mids and treble"

- D.P.

'The .1' CS

"Cymbals start to pop out of the body of the music... clean vocals (and) sweet mids with more authority in sound"

- A.U

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