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Power Cable Praise

"The first thing I noticed about this cable was the authority and tightness in the bass.  This cable goes low.  In this regard, it is one of the most authoritative and dynamic I’ve heard... Articulation is very smooth and instrumentation is clear and detailed... The soundstage is surprisingly wide... In essence, this is a quality cable that is uncolored."

- Jay Luong @ ['The 5' -  read the full article]

"I recently sold a top of the line $4000 Audience AU24 SX after I heard ['The 5'] with my DAC… ['The 5'] gives you a huge sound stage with ridiculous dynamics"

- M.O. ['The 5', 'The Box']

"Within 5 seconds, ['The 5'] destroyed my $1800.00 cable purchased from a widely known brand. My stereo instantly became louder with a more powerful & dynamic sound stage... (my friends and I) have purchased 13 of these beauties... a must have for the music enthusiast looking for a quality cable that doesn’t break the bank."

- G.Pom (and friends) ['The 5']

(vs. Shunyata Anaconda Helix) 'The 5' reduced grain in the sound and for some reason the soundstage was much larger... I tried these cables with the pre-conceived idea that they would not live up to expectations, (but) these are among the finest power cables I have ever used... These cables are the best value I have ever found in audio"

- J.T. ['The 5']

"This is a fantastic cable, performing far above its price point...

Fit and finish is exemplary, and this cable just flat out performs.  Price to performance ratio, absolute no brainer"

- D.S. ['The 5']

"Very very good.  I love it.  It's better than the [AudioQuest] NRG 1000 to My Accuphase A-70... (my system) sounds awesome now.  Really Holy Shii..."

- K.T. ['The 5']

"These cables are insane for the price point.  These things do exactly what they are built to do - put no signature on, nor restrict any power flow to your components.  If you are considering a top end power cable and do not want to pay over-inflated prices for marketing and distribution, e-mail Nawaz and try these cables"

- J.K. ['The 5']

"...a professional cable maker... (his power cables) are the best ones I have ever tried. You will not be disappointed with his products."

- I.L. ['The 5']

"His cables are amazing, not just for the money! They brought obvious gains to my system, noticeable at first listen."

That was feedback from Canuck Audio Mart, and here are excerpts from an email beforehand:

"Holy cow"... "I had to shush my wife and turn up the volume"... "Holy  Smokes it was amazing.  I just sat down and was thrilled"... "I am so impressed with your cables"... "I want to say Thanks!!!!!!"  

- B.D. ['The 5']

In two words " F_cking Wow " Excuse my language. :)

After some settling. Incredible !. The separation of instruments is wonderful. At first the the sound stage was low. It has come up. ! Holy Crow. ! I'm getting an almost holographic feeling of a sound stage. Instruments plastered on the wall. :) I can only imagine what it will be like after a few hundred hours. :) Impressive. !

- J.O. ['The .1' CS]

"The construction is superb... just adding one cable to my system made a very noticeable difference... The backgrounds are blacker, better separation of instruments and performers, and much better bass control."

- G.R. ['The .1' CS]

"(They) lower the noise floor to the point where detail and dynamics flow more naturally, even at lower volumes.  The soundstage improved along with separation of instruments.  The level of air and transparency is speakers have disappeared.  Well done my friend."

- R.L. ['The .1' CS]

"Thank you for making such impressive cables... ['The .1' CS] took all those other cables I've had and spanked them into submission... The cables truly are art, and unbelievably efficient."

- A.C. ['The .1' CS]

"...Very good and high quality products at a very fair price. This is the first purchase in years that I felt I had paid for a product that was well worth the money spent."

- D.E. ['The .1' CS, #1 Spade Plugs, #1 Banana Plugs]

"(The) music is so liquid with 'The.1' CS and it just flows... everything is just in the right place (tones and instruments)... very airy with a lot of O2. "

- Z.F. ['The .1' CS

"Great cables and great customer service.  ['The .1' CS] is hard to beat at any price point. Simply fantastic"

- L.S. ['The .1' CS

"In my setup, ['The .1' CS] to a power conditioner feeding several amps and dacs, the difference was not subtle.... bigger, quieter, clearer, more robust... I truly am wowed by the improvement in sound."

- R.M. ['The .1' CS]

"The fit and finish of these cables are a beauty... when I was listening to my turntable in the evening, the noise floor had literally vanished... Very pleased with my purchase"

- R.W. ['The .1' CS]

Power Distribution Prowess

"The box sounds fantastic, it added muscles to my system"

- M.O. ['The Box', 'The 5']

"Have been enjoying the results of your efforts... I have to admit there is no oxymoron when it comes to science and math working in concert with your art"

- C.J. ['The Box', 'The 5']

Speaker Cable Superlatives

"I’m absolutely in awe as to how flexible & light all these cables are... (comparing 'The 6:6' to my $700 QED Genesis Silver Spiral), what a difference they make to becoming involved in the music.  A few friends who have heard my system have commented on how lifelike & engaging the music is."

- J.M. (and friends) ['The 6:6']

"After only a few hours warm up, I have once again heard significant improvements.  Never in my 35 years in this crazy hobby have I gotten such dramatic increases in performance throughout the audio spectrum."

- R.J. ['The .1' CS, 'The 6:6']

"This is my third transaction with Nawaz and as usual it was very professional and seamless. His passion and quality workmanship is truly evidenced in his products.  I’m a repeat customer so that pretty well says it all!"

- P.R. ['The 6:11', 'The .1' (discontinued)]

"[I] enjoy the warm, rich, clear sound the speaker cables offer,.. Power cable made a noticeable difference... worth the investment... my ears are happy!"

- A.G. ['The Q9's', 'The .1' CS]

"Excellent craftsmanship and a great sounding product... huge upgrade on my power amp. Highly recommended"

- B.F. ['The 6:11', 'The .1' (discontinued)]

"I have purchased 5 ['The .1's]... they have bested Shunyata Pythons & Cobra Zitrons... They truly are a game changer... I got ['The 6:9']... and they made such an impact on my system!... (my B&W 804's and 805's) have never sounded better!"

- Mitch ['The 6:9', 'The .1' (discontinued)]

"...Exceptional speaker cables... Great craftsmanship & Greatly improved sonics."  

- B.F. ['The 6:11', 'The .1' (discontinued)]

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