Power Cables

It All Starts With The Conductor

The heart and soul of every cable is its conductor(s).

I like to keep things relatively simple and cost effective, while still aiming for the best performance possible.

All of the elements of a quality conductor are here - pure copper, a good dielectric, and proper insulation.

High-price exotic materials?  None.

High-tech manufacturing process?  Nope.

High-Performance?  Absolutely.

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7.5 AWG Conductors


- 133 29 AWG Strands

- 4N Pure Copper

- Teflon Dielectric

- Cotton Insulation


Braided Copper Sleeve

- Over 90% coverage

(Industry Avg. is 75%)

- Made with Pure copper (no filler)

Pure Copper Plugs


- 97-98% Copper Content

(Industry Avg. is 65%)

- Gold plating (Silver on the 20 Amp IEC)

Multiple Options


- Variety of finishing sleeves available

- Custom lengths

- Various plugs (U.K., E.U., etc.)

60-Day Guarantee


If you are not happy with the performance of your cable(s), I will  issue a 100% refund, including shipping

Trade-In/Up Program


- Trade/upgrade your cable(s) anytime

- Full current retail value given towards a new purchase

'The 5'

The Five - a.k.a. "GODZILLA"

(4.5 AWG, grounded shield)

"A huge soundstage and ridiculous dynamics" - M.O.

See the product page here


'The .1' CS

The Point One - Copper Sleeve

(7.5 AWG, grounded shield)

"I am truly wowed by the improvement in sound" - R.M.

See the product page here

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