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Designed by Math & Science

not marketing

"a huge sound stage with ridiculous dynamics"

- M.O.

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NRG Custom Cables - 'The 5' (plugs - pro


"I truly am wowed by the improvement in sound."

- R. M.

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NRG Custom Cables - 'The .1' CS with new

"(The music is) lifelike & engaging"

- J. M. (and friends)

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The NRG Custom Cables Difference

Handcrafted with only high-quality materials

Why take the time to make something by hand, only to use sub-par materials?

Price-to-performance ratio  turned on its head


During performance testing, I use cables costing 10 times as much as mine

No marketing B.S., and no wild performance claims

When I read phrases like "for the true audiophile", it drives me a little nuts

Reference-level performance at a reasonable price

That's likely the boldest statement I'll make, but I don't think it's a wild one

The NRG Custom Cables Story


A little bit about what drives me to make cables

(it's not big profits)

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The materials I use, and why I use them

(it's not to cut costs)

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Construction techniques used, and more thoughts about materials

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Client testimonials to help you decide if my cables are for you

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Power Cables

So, the million-dollar question - what elements make a high-performance power cable?

Well, despite what some companies may tell you in their marketing, a power cord only conducts electricity.  And when it comes to conducting electricity, there are two simple and steadfast rules:


1. Larger Gauge = Lower Voltage Drop and Resistance

(more/better current flow – the garden hose vs. fire hose analogy)


2. More Insulation/Shielding = Less Interference

(a cleaner signal)

I take these two rules to heart when designing and building my cables, and all but ignore the "fluff" that's out there.  I am often asked how and why I chose my materials and why I don't use “exotic” stuff, and why I build my cables the way I do. To that I simply say, I build cables to provide performance and value, not marketing slogans.

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NRG Custom Cables - 'The .1' CS Construc

Speaker Cables

Alright, so the power cables are selling a pretty decent clip, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

After hearing my power cables in their respective systems, multiple clients start asking me questions about  speaker cables.


What do you recommend for a good set?

What makes them good, and what do I look for?

Can you make me some?


Well, after thinking about the first two questions and happily handing out some advice, I decided to address the third one and start making some of my own.

All of my speaker cables are made with 4N Oxygen-Free Copper wrapped with a Teflon dielectric.

Despite their heavy gauges, the bodies are incredibly light and flexible, so they are very easy to maneuver.

I use 97% - 98% Copper Content plugs (industry average is 65%), and I have a variety of  termination options to choose from.

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NRG Custom Cables - 'The 6 to 6' with sp
Notes about pricing, policies, and the site:
This is not an e-commerce site - please email if you want to make a purchase, and/or check out the ordering process here
All product prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
I offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada on purchases over $200, or $15 flat-rate under $200
Shipping to the U.S. is about box size more than anything, so it is $30 USD for a small box (up to 2 cables &/or accessories), or $40 USD flat-rate for a larger box.
Shipping outside of North America is a mixed bag, but I will give you the most accurate final price I can before you buy (including duty/import fees, etc.) - I.E. No surprise bills at your door
If you're not happy with the performance of your cable(s), I'll take them back and refund every penny - including shipping
*okay, one tiny bit - I'll pay the return shipping for Canadian clients, but International clients are responsible for their own
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